Who We Are

The Granger Trails Advisory Committee is a sub-committee of the Granger City Council.  At the end of 2014, it was decided to form this advisory committee.  The main goal of Granger Trails Advisory is to focus on bringing recreational trails to, and beyond, the City of Granger.  Interest from local community members wanting access to more recreational trails within locations NW of the Des Moines metro area was a key factor in starting this sub-committee.  In addition, the plans to expand/update sidewalks and trails within the City of Granger has triggered more focus on planning.  As a result, the future of Granger’s recreational trails plays a very critical part in that.

After the initial Granger Trails Advisory meeting, we quickly realized the overall effort is going to take a large amount of teamwork outside of our small committee of six people.  One could say the collaboration needed is very similar to the amount that was required to imagine, build and expand the High Trestle Trail from Woodward to Ankeny to downtown Des Moines.

Committee Members

  • Darren Krohn (Committee Chair)
  • Wayne Bice (City Council Representative)
  • Sharon Wiese
  • Tom Stahowick
  • Anita Meiners
  • Kerry Loge
  • Tami Loge
  • Sarah Watts
  • Paul Thompson (Woodward Representative)

Please feel free to send our group an email at info4gtac@gmail.com or use our Contact Us page.

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